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Hello. I'm new here. I found this community whilst searching 'aliens' in interests and while this isn't quite what I was looking for, this community seems to be a good place to talk about things that would otherwise be frowned apon. I like to be blunt at times and although I often have a hard time with people being blunt with me, I figure I should just damn well tolerate it. Anyway, Here is my rant of the day.

First of all, I'd like you guys to check out, what I beleive to be, one of the most disgusting communities on livejournal. Or even on the internet. Maybe there's worse...but I joined this one a little while ago after a livejournal friend had joined and it seemed mildly entertaing. so I joined...somewhat skeptically. It's called thelabeledones. Basically it's a community where people pigeon-hole you into a sertain catagory and if you don't fit a specific stereotype, you get rejected...as well as a huge surge of people hating you.

And it seems as though people actually enjoy being a sterotype and will do whatever they can to be one and become a member of this 'awesome community'. As long as whoever is applying wants to be accepted, they won't even flinch if a cuurent member of the community is being a complete and utter fuckhead towards them. They'll be told to go away and re-apply when they can 'learn to spell' or 'bold their words' or 'have a 'sexier picture of themselves' or if they plain 'just don't like you' and these idiotic people will actually go off and edit their apps. They'll reply to these horrendously childish comments with things like 'oh yes, sorry. Yes master..whatever you please. As long as I can be a memeber of your super cool community, I'll do anything!' (sound familiar? highschool perhaps?)

However, if you do not fit into a sertain 'mold' or feed their insane ideology that being a stereotype means you're superior, people will leave nasty, insulting comments on your posts. I made the mistake of not reading one of the million rules they have on the userinfo page and that fucked me over as far as getting any positive comments are concerned. I applied because I wanted everyone to see that you don't have to be a stereotype of something in order to be cool or interesting. It completely backfired. I think it becomes a threat to those who feel that they have no identity outside of one specific subtype. community members will lash out at the poor inocent people who are just being themselves, for being something they're not or don't understand. I'm not saying that being a stereotype of something automatically makes you un-interesting or a horrible person, but it seems like you're only liked (generally..by most people) if they can recognise 'just what kindof person you are' before having to get to know you. People are afraid of things they don't understand and generally don't like having to take the time to 'suss someone out'. Heaven forbid someone has their own individual personality/style/music tastes! That's too deep. We couldn't possibly figure them out.

I was rejected because I wrote, 'I really don't care if I get accepted' in my application. I pretty much stated that I was doing it for fun and apparently that wasn't acceptable. Apparently everyone takes this community really seriously and it's not something to be made light of. *snicker*

I encourage you all to check this community out and perhaps even try to apply. You'll see what I mean. ;)

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