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I'm tired of all the goddamn irritating ranking communities, all the equally irritating forums for political "discussion", and all of the places that want to base everything on a single celeb. I'm confrontational, loudmouthed, and slightly obnoxious. I have come to conclusion that it is impossible to be politically correct all the time.

I find that whenever I look around, I never find a place that really fits. There has been no community that has pressed me into posting on any sort of regular basis. Perhaps it's because all are to focused on one area of interest. Perhaps my search skills suck.


This community is about feeling alientated...it's about feeling jilted in life, fucked over by "the man", forgotten by the world, neglected by your neighbors. It's about people that get on your nerves, unrealistic expectations.

Generally speaking, this is a dead community that gets spammed a lot. I erase the posts I feel like, I wait for interesting discussion that never comes.

This community will not:
- rate you on your looks (either internally or externally)
- be a forum for celeb discussion (although Johnny Depp is hot)
- give a shit about your nation of residence.
- spam your friends page. After all, people barely post here.

If you love long posts or pictures, please put it behind an lj tag.