Kristanna Loken (kristanna_loken) wrote in alien_nation,
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I am really failing

I'm not doing very well with this here journal.

It is harder then fuck to act like a celebrity in an attempt to infilter one of those weird lj cults.

Well, it's not really hard. After all, I just have to post mindless drivel and crap about my fake celebrity lifestyle. It's just that it honestly feels like a waste of time. A serious waste of time. Yet every time I log on I've gained more lj-friends and this inspires me to sit around trying to think of lame things to post.

I guess I could go the other route and pretend to be a big fan of myself. Yet the fact remains that I honestly did not even know who Kristanna Loken was until I looked on Maxim for some prokoving pictures to use as icons. She had the best ones.

So I've joined this community seeking help. I need inspiration, help!
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